Rally Experience Team

Hold on to your seats in a purpose built rally course that takes you straight under a jumbo jet, driven by top Instructors, Rally Champions or even a Celebrity such as the legendary Bronwyn Burrell (London-Mexico world cup rally champion and former Miss Castrol 1970) who has just been back on the road competing in the London to Lisbon Classic Rally.

Statement from Iain Duncan β€˜At very short notice with only weeks to go I have taken on the challenge of organising the rally aspect of the Motor Madness UK event on the 9th July. What I am hoping to achieve is a truly incredible experience for any rally fan or enthusiast, both static and driven vehicles with the option of passenger rides in real competition cars. Why not even have a go at reading pace notes as you are driven round the stage at speed, try to keep up and hold onto your lunch. With the help of some wonderful people we have managed to arrange fifteen incredible cars from all eras and levels of the sport, I can guarantee this will ensure a fantastic rally display at the show. I look forward to meeting you all on the day and huge thanks to all that have helped out so far.’ Chief Instructor, MSA Certified Motorsport Coach and British Association of Rally Schools ’S’ License Holder.