Motor Madness UK is supporting the Mia Moos Foundation.

Mia Moos Foundation supported charity Help for Heros bears

Mia Moo is a beautiful little girl who on 1st July 2013 at only 21 months old was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

During Mia’s journey Mia underwent endless blood and platelet transfusions, heart scans, numerous blood tests and trips to theatre for Hickman line fitting, bone marrow testing, lumber punctures and chemotherapy.

Mia's had a little setback.. After x-rays and bloods, Mia's x-ray shows an extreme case of air in the walls of her bowls. This is caused by 'Graft versus host disease' (Gvhd). This will explain the pain she’s been having in her tummy due to her walls being swollen. Gvhd is a reaction from transplant and means Mia's cells are fighting with her new donated cells. Mia's still in pain and is taking regular morphine to help but now they know the cause, they have added more meds to her collection.

The Mia Moo Foundation is to raise enough money for a Holiday Home for families of children with cancer, to enjoy some respite away from hospital life.